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Hi everyone. I want to let you get to know me and why I think that makes me a good fit to help plan your travel.

I started traveling in my 20’s. It became a very addictive habit. I started with a combination land and sea package to Walt Disney World and a cruise on the Disney Magic to the Bahamas. I loved both. Then I got into all inclusive vacations in the Rivera Maya/Cozumel region. I loved those. A travel tour through Europe came in between. I loved that. But my heart really rests with Disney World and cruising, even when a cruise is not on Disney Cruise Line.

I began to eat and sleep planning my next vacation. But lets be honest, I cant spend all my time traveling so the times in between stretch too long in my opinion, IF I could spend that time helping you plan your perfect trip I know we can be great for one another.

Now why should you use me instead of booking on your own? Well, we have already established my love of planning. That means I will look into every detail of your trip. You want to rest assured you are getting a deal, so once we book I keep checking to see if anything has changed allowing you to either save money or get an upgrade. I keep an eye out for any changes that could affect your plans, such as construction beginning or an event being booked right next door. Having been to many of the popular travel destinations myself I can provide insider tips. Plus I am only a phone call away when you do have a question.

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